Working environment

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AUTOMOTIVE CZECH guarantees maximum attention to the work conditions of its employees, work environment and company culture. It focuses on work safety, working place ergonomy and a pleasant work environment. The company management wants its employees to feel free and relaxed.

The company offers also to its employees a gym and a number of ways to relax. It puts on ephasis on a healthy lifestyle; it offers to employees good food in the canteen, the choice is really varied and it includes six daily menus and morning and afternoon canteen operation.

The parking of private cars is possible on the company property. The company contributes also its employees financially. Apart from that it offers company transport up to a maximum 25 kilometers from the factory.

During the breaks employees can can avail off outdoor seating, they can drink coffee, tea or relax. Coffee, milk, tea and other refreshments are free of charge.

The company pays a lot of attention to its employees´health; it provides 6 sick days a year. It offers physiotheraphy and provides health vouchers.

Further more, the company provides its employees the possibility of the language education. The English lessons are fully paid by MEAC, Czech or native teachers are available.

For its employees the company also prepares a number of the company events. The most exciting event is the Christmas party. Other interesting events are trips for employees and their relatives, the company organizes yearly a bowling tournament.

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